HUNTINGTON is a bespoke fashion line that is built to distinguish itself from "global chains" and "fast fashion" so as to deliberately avoid the constant pressure to churn out more and more product each season. In an era of increasing social and environmental responsibility, Huntington focuses on creating wearable timeless fashion pieces that allow a woman to create a reduced, classic wardrobe so as to simplify her life making it easier to manage and yet gives her an assured, empowered presence. Utilising quality cut and design in combination with low volume, bespoke manufacturing, Huntington targets sustainable fashion and seeks to break the high volume, low cost, low quality fashion - much of which ends up in landfill.

Angela Huntington's fashion pieces are classy, contemporary, timeless designs that take their innovative lines, ideas and concepts from her own artwork. The designs are available only on a direct order basis.

Angela Huntington the creator behind Huntington is a British born designer and artist. Her designs and art reflect exposure to diverse cultures, backgrounds and ideas. She has studied at the Chelsea Art College and Central St. Martins, London.


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